Radiation sources are kept in locked safes in the experimental areas.
Sources can only be used in the experimental areas and in the electronic lab.
It is mandatory to read this brochure if you are using sources for the first time.
Go to the Radiation Protection Sources WEB Page . On this WEB page you will find:
  • the risks and regulations in handling the sources
  • how to request/return a source
  • how to store a source
Please remember:
  • It is mandatory to go through the risks and regulations before handling a source for the first time
  • In case of doubts, ask a member of the local team before you handle the source
  • Never move a source from one experimental area to another one or to the electronic lab without informing the RP service (use always the Source Request Form , Request type = Location change )
  • The safe keys are kept in the key box in the n_TOF CR. Never leave the keys in the areas or in the safe lock. Always put them back in the CR

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