ADaMS is CERN's Access Distribution and Management System. It evaluates access authorizations to CERN zones for the CERN's personnel. Accesses are granted based on a combination of training courses, administrative authorizations and radiation protection situation. In order to ask for the administrative authorization to access the n_TOF Control Room and/or Experimental Areas you should:
  • Login to ADaMS
  • Go to Request --> Access for myself
  • In the Permission text window, click on the arrow to get the Popup List of the available accesses.
  • In the Popup List, type NTOF in the Search field
  • Choose either NTOF-CR if you just need access to the CR, or NTOF-EXP if you need access to the CR and the Experimental Areas
  • Insert the reason for requesting the access (for example, Member of the n_TOF Collaboration )
  • Click on Create Request

If you want to know more about your access situation, you can go to View and choose the appropriate item from the menu.

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