The n_TOF areas are classified as Simple Controlled Radiation Areas . Therefore, you need to wear your personal dosimeter to access the experimental areas.

Note that the Short Term Dosimeter gives access only to Supervised Radiation Areas so it cannot be used to access EAR1 and EAR2.

In order to get the personal dosimeter you need to:
  • Hold a valid and up to date radiation passport or an institute certificate
    (see the Dosimeter Service WEB site for detailed information).
    Note that Users are considered as Associated Members of Personnel (MPA)
  • Successfully complete the classroom radiation protection training following the full-day course organised at CERN. Persons who have a CERN account can subscribe to the course directly on the training catalog web-site:
    https:/ --> Safety / Raditaion Protection / Radiation Protection - Controlled Area

To be noted:
  • The classroom training course has a validity of 3 years and needs to be renewed via the Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - Refresher course available on SIR . Therefore, you have to follow the classroom course only once, the renewal is done online.
  • You need to return the dosimeter to the Dosimeter Service if you leave CERN for a period longer than 1 month. The dosimeter can be re-obtained from the Dosimeter Service upon return without any further administrative steps, as long as the assigment conditions are still met (valid trainings, valid radiation passport or institute certificate etc). In case of doubt, it is recommended to send an email to the to ask about your situation BEFORE you come to CERN.

For a full detailed information look at Dosimetry Service Web Page

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